Minotaur - _Power of Darkness_
(No Colours, 1998)
by: Alvin Wee (9 out of 10)
You'll sooner get a kiss from Glen Benton than find an original piece of Minotaur vinyl on the market. Even a die-hard follower of '80s metal like me hasn't been able to lay hands on their elusive _Death Metal_ EP. Hot on the heels of Exumer, Piledriver and Possessed re-releases comes these German thrashers' cult classic _Power of Darkness_ LP on CD format, accompanied by a slightly erroneous bio and a bonus track. Needless to say, lovers of German speed/thrash like Necronomicon, Destruction, etc. will get a hard-on just reading the song titles. Not to mention the excellent music: a raging slab of aggression and tightness unparalleled in other German legends like Iron Angel, etc.. Blasting their way through scorchers like "Fierce Fight", "Incubus" and the title track, there's no doubt about the cult status of this material. Veering wildly from straight-ahead thrash a la Kreator to almost Possessed-like speed/death and flailing solos, with even an occasional hint of Frost's sludgy heaviness, the ten tracks of utter mayhem never loosen their grip on you. Undoubtedly, this album will occupy the prized space between my Znowhite and Exorcist LPs, and if you're even remotely interested in those bands, there's no reason why you should deprive yourself of this amazing piece of cult.

(article published 14/3/1999)

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