Haemorrhage - _Anatomical Inferno_
(Morbid, 1998)
by: Paul Schwarz (6 out of 10)
Haemorrhage are simultaneously disappointing and gratifying. They play grindcore with a smidgen of death in it which sounds -very- much like Carcass in their _Reek of Putrefaction_ era, with a slightly better production, right down to song titles like "Cirrhoetic Liver Distillation" and "Worminfested Cavities". It is disappointing because it really does sound like 30 minutes of missing Carcass songs. However, this is what, for myself as a Carcass fan, is also gratifying about this release, because _Anatomical Inferno_ is far from bad as far as albums of its sort go. It isn't as indecipherable and pointlessly hyperspeed as _Noise A-Go-GO_ by Gore Beyond Necropsy was, instead it has some poise. The band let loose, and they do it a lot, but they also grind out some monster riffs utilising their crushingly bass-heavy production, and thus create some room for build-up. The vocals are also pleasingly sick, brutal, and indecipherable for the most part. This is about as far from original as any record I have heard in recent times but, as rehashes go, I don't hear ones as worthy, or well produced, as this, very often.

Contact: Morbid Records, Postfach 3, 03114 Drebkau, Germany

(article published 14/3/1999)

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