Bob Marinelli / Outermost - _Split_
(Distorted Vision Records, 1998)
by: Gabriel Sanchez (8 out of 10)
This release completes my little "Bob Marinelli" trilogy that I have been running in the last few issues. This time Bob Marinelli splits up with another of the lesser known Japanese artists, Outermost. Marinelli's side features more quickly diced and sliced wails of ear piercing electronic madness with some rather offbeat moments of bassy rumbles dropped in at intricate moments. There is also some experimentation with volume fluctuation on this track, which really works to emphasize a lot of the more powerful and completely maddening portions of the composition. Nice. The Outermost side features choppy and wild Japanoise the way I like it: with new sounds and a flair for keeping it harsh without falling into boring repetition. While there isn't a great mix of sounds all at once, Outermost makes good with the one or two he is playing with at that particular time through subtle drops in tone of the noise before throwing the listener off guard with the introduction of a new electronically charged sound theme. Even if Outermost isn't the most punishingly brutal Japanoise artist out there, he is certainly one of the most promising if he continues to produce and expand upon work such as that featured on here. As always, buy the Bob Marinelli for the Bob Marinelli. There is no way you can go wrong, in my humble opinion. But at the same time, be aware of the artists on the split side of Bob's many releases who do an excellent job of keeping the chaotic harshness going in their own unique ways. Excellent stuff, as always.

Contact: Distorted Vision Records, 200 W. Fourth St.,

(article published 14/3/1999)

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