Shango - _Metal Mafia_
(Back Room, 1998)
by: Alex Cantwell (0 out of 10)
This is a joke, right? According to all the literature they sent me, Shango is the best thing since freakin' sliced bread. Not so, says me. If there is one thing I still respect about Metallica, it's that in their tour programs for the "black album" tour, they printed all of their bad reviews, which I thought was not only hilarious, but also proving that they had some humility. Then here comes some band called Shango (heavy name, huh?) sending me all of these reviews about how they will be the next big thing, and that their music is just really great. Nice propaganda, boys. In summary, _Metal Mafia_ is terribly generic, lame "metal", and, in my opinion, is the worst thing I've heard in 1998. Shango is a garage band that should never have had the privilege of recording a CD.

Contact: Metal Mafia USA, 1330 54th St., Brooklyn, NY 11219

(article published 13/2/1999)

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