Yattering - _Human's Pain_
(Moonlight, 1998)
by: Paul Schwarz (8.5 out of 10)
I found this a pretty astounding debut album. Though the Benscoter-esque artwork and studio/producer led me to believe this was a Vader rip-off band, my assumptions were wrong. The band mirror Vader in only one significant way: they are a great, brutal, death metal band from Poland with a distinct spark of individuality. Yattering's approach is more in the Cryptopsy/Suffocation vein than Vader's Slayer / Morbid Angel take on the style and Yattering are, technically, the more "brutal" of the two. What initially struck me (square in the face), once the band's lengthy intro had finished and "The Feeling" got in motion, was the band's incredible and precise technicality, which, armed with Adrezj/Andy Bomba's clear and violent production, crafts gnarly and twisted riffs, cunningly spontaneous drums and harsh vocals into a solid brutal whole which nails some great grooves and often has the ability to really impress me. Two problems dog the band, however. The first is minor: the band's English is bad, a fact evident from the title, which I am sure should be "Humanity's Pain", and their lyrics contain numerous grammar mistakes. This makes them a little open to criticism, but really it is a minor problem and, since the band's music is -so- well in order, easily excusable. The more affecting problem is the band's decision to include, spliced in, two tracks from their earlier promo on the album. These songs are of inferior production standards and are significantly less vibrant than the majority of the material on here and they break up the album's flow badly. I recommend tracking them out on a CD copy -- at present this is only available on tape, but a CD version is (apparently) coming soon. Small flaws aside, this is definitely one of the most promising debuts I have heard this year and I hope to see the band grow in greatness and popularity in years to come.

Contact: Yattering, PO Box 666, 80-958 Gdansk 50, Poland

(article published 16/1/1999)

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