Scepter - _I'm Going to Hell_
(Merciless, 1998)
by: Alex Cantwell (1 out of 10)
I refuse to take on the opinion of society which says that people who listen to metal are stupid. I hold down two jobs, am married, with one child, and I am responsible. I pay my bills and rent on time when possible, and don't waste my income on habits. Therefore, I cannot relate to Scepter. These guys are freakin' idiots and in my mind are not representative of what metal is all about. In order to pen such songs as "I'm Going to Hell" and "Ready to Rape", one must live in a world totally opposite to that in which I reside. Their lyrics have absolutely nothing to do with metal; they have to do with personality disorders. The music is admittedly great, being a throwback to early Celtic Frost, but sadly it is a soundtrack to lyrics like "I sodomized an angel of the Lord, I dragged his mangled corpse back to my horde, and together on it we spilled our seed". Well, that's great. To all metalheads everywhere: you MUST draw the line somewhere! At some point you must say "No! This is wrong. This is stupid." I guess I'll be over here trying to improve my life, trying to be realistic and humble, and listening to intelligent bands like Fates Warning and Paramaecium.

Contact: Scepter, PO Box 388068, Chicago, IL 60638-8068, USA

(article published 16/1/1999)

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