Impious - _Evilized_
(Black Sun Records, 1998)
by: David Rocher (10 out of 10)
So, -another- Swedish death metal band, this one cunningly blending US-death metal elements in with Swedish death metal elements, both modern (i.e., what is now referred to as "Gothenburg death metal") and traditional (early Entombed, Grave and so forth). But what, in guise of a mild lack of originality, often constitutes the main weakness of a band, becomes, when placed in this quartet's hands, a devastating, murderous weapon. Gifted with what many bands lack, that is astounding technical abilities, Impious' members have the creativity to match; thus their music opens fire with ultra-brutal low-case riffing backed up by a hysterical blast beat assault, then instantly switches to melodic riffing a la Gothenburg, before suddenly calming down to a quiet, acoustic passage similar to those that were early In Flames' trademark. Half a second, and another grinding riff kicks in, hammered home by heroic drumming antics, granting clearance for an awesomely heavy and fast guitar lead, definitely branding _Evilized_ as one of 1998's heaviest albums. Alternating vocal styles (ultra-profound death metal grunts switching to aggressive, guttural screams, similar to those of Johan Lindstrand of The Crown) are used to great effect, as are the rare samples and eerie female vox. Rarely has the first onslaught of a band been this convincing, and this outrageously violent display of brutality comfortably notches itself among this year's top ten albums. The extremely raw Sunlight sound is somewhat disconcerting, but not unpleasant, and reinforces the utterly crushing heaviness of this masterpiece. Enough said.

(article published 16/1/1999)

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