Adramelech - _Seven_
(Repulse, 1998)
by: Paul Schwarz (5 out of 10)
This release is my first experience of Adramelech's music. This is a five track EP which is broken down thus: two new, one redone, two live (from their last album _Psychostasia_, recorded on the Repulsive Tour '97). The first three were obviously recorded together and showcase a well produced and played, but ultimately rather stagnant, brand of death metal. I am reminded of Broken Hope with yet more inconsequential vocals. The music is never hyper-speed, involves lots of double bass, non blast-snare blast beats and lots of low, repetitive chord progressions with the rather insignificant vocals adding nothing to the result. Leads tend to be rather uninspired and overall the music has a dirge-like quality which doesn't inspire me, and reminds me of the way Broken Hope's _Loathing_ failed to do the same. The live tracks only offer differently arranged elements: the style is quite the same, though the production is rather good for a live recording, with slightly trebled drums but overall clarity. To paraphrase "The Man of Steel", Adramelech are five to ten years behind the developed death metal world; they need to catch it up in (less than) one.

(article published 16/1/1999)

1/15/2000 P Azevedo 7 Adramelech - Pure Blood Doom
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