Suppression w/ Facialmess - _Collaboration_
(Clean Plate Records, 1998)
by: Gabriel Sanchez (7.5 out of 10)
While this at first appears to be a collaboration EP, the liner notes don't really dictate exactly who did what on which tracks. Because of this, I am taking my best guess at who is controlling the noise based on each artist's previous work. The opening track on this EP's first side is an obvious Facialmess recording, featuring one gigantic shot of pure sound energy that raises, collapses, and rebuilds itself back up in a continuous spastic motion. Like with most fast paced harsh noise, it becomes impossible after a few seconds to get any exact mental grasp on the sounds, as they are ever changing and choose never to manifest themselves again in proper order during the recording. The second side is much more choppy, with Suppression trying their hand at noise with "The Average Citizen Is a Cheap Tart". While Suppression's noise style mixes in well with their grindcore, it is very poor on a stand alone basis. The mix of the track is very uneven and seems to resemble more of just a lot of guitar sounds with a mixture of screams. Facialmess manages to fire back, however, with another excellent piece of noise, this time letting the feedback control the track while dropping a load of other electronic crashes and sputters into the mix. The track has a slight Masonna feel to it, with all of the feedback and rumbling mixtures, though not nearly as chaotic. The bottom line on this release is that it's geared more for a Facialmess fan more than anything. While Suppression is an excellent grindcore band, their abilities in the noise area are lacking. This is still well worth getting for both of the excellent Facialmess pieces, however.

Contact: Clean Plate Records, PO Box 709, Hampshire College

(article published 19/11/1998)

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