A Minor Reflection
Souls at Zero
by: Adrian Bromley
This month, CoC questioned Energy Record's Souls At Zero bassist/singer Brad Divins about the transition from the band's self-titled debut (1993) to their present LP, 1995's _A Taste For The Perverse_.

"Between the first Souls At Zero record to this record, we tried to broaden the whole thing musically. We tried to do things differently on this record instead of the whole thing slamming into your face, which is pretty much what the first Souls At Zero record was. It was music fueled by mainly anger and frustration. We all kind of grew musically and lyrically from the first record. We've gotten older but wiser. And as for people thinking that we will have a hard time fitting in with our sound, I definitely think there is a place for Souls At Zero because I don't think that we'd be doing it if there wasn't a place for us. Everyone hopes that there is a place for them in the music world. I hope that this record opens us up to a broader fan base."

(article submitted 1/10/1995)

9/2/1995 A Bromley 6 Souls At Zero - Taste for the Perverse
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