Update From the Twilight Kingdom
CoC Talks With Peter K. of Abigor
by: Henry Akeley
In existence for just about three years now, Abigor have established themselves as one of the best among the swelling ranks of European black metal bands. With three solid CDs of musically adept and inventive black metal already under their belts, the members of this Austrian three-piece are currently putting the finishing touches on their next release, which should be out on Napalm Records soon. Peter K. recently took some time out from this process to briefly tell CoC a bit more about Abigor's history, outlook, and plans.

CoC: Could you give us a brief history of the band?

Peter K.: Abigor was formed in mid-summer 1993. The first demo, _Ash Nazgh..._ was released in November 1993. The second demo, named _Lux Devicta Est_, was released in January '94, in February the _Promo-tape_, and in March we released our last official demo, _Moonrise_. After the _Moonrise_ demo we replaced our vocalist Tharen with Silenius, who is also involved in Summoning. In July '94 we recorded our debut CD, _Verwustung_, in November the _Orkblut_ MCD, and in May '95 _Nachthymnen_. During the days of May '96, we're still recording our next album, which will be named _Opus IV_.

CoC: Who are the biggest influences on Abigor's outlook and sound?

PK: There are no influences concerning outlook nor sound. We're a black metal band - which outlook do you expect?! And Abigor's sound can't be compared to other bands in the genre. We've found our individual sound which fits our art exactly.

CoC: Your songs have become more elaborate and more fierce with every new release. What can we expect from the next Abigor recording?

PK: It will definitely be the best Abigor CD since our beginning: more technical, more extreme. We've opened the gates to unknown dimensions and we've entered untrodden paths.

CoC: Are there plans to record again soon? How about touring?

PK: Well, as I've written above, we're still recording _Opus IV_, which will maybe / hopefully be released at the end of June - we'll see. As long as I am a member of Abigor, we'll never go on tour, nor will we ever play even just one gig.

CoC: Do you ever feel musically limited by the conventions of the black metal style?

PK: For us there exist no limits. We believe in our art, and we are satisfied with it. That's important - not what others think about black metal and how it's meant to be.

CoC: Some very interesting music has been coming out of Austria lately. How would you describe the metal scene in your country?

PK: In Austria there is no scene - there are Abigor, Summoning [which includes Abigor vocalist Silenius], and Amestigon [which includes ex-Abigor vocalist Rune]. We represent Austrian black metal art, simply put, along with Napalm Records. We belong to the elite. All other black metal bands and labels from Austria are worthless shit.

CoC: Like many black metal bands, Abigor seems to envision the modern-day rebirth of a 'tribe' united by pagan belief, occult philosophy, and interest in the pre-Christian mythologies of Europe. Exactly what do you hope to see happen? What do you want this movement to accomplish? Who are the movement's spiritual leaders? Who are its enemies? And how does this movement in general relate to the black metal scene in particular?

PK: I am not interested in any movements. Time changes, and my individual philosophy and beliefs have changed radically. The only movement worth being supported is the union of Abigor, Summoning, and Amestigon. What individuals try to organize, for example in Norway or Sweden, doesn't interest me. Just look around: nowadays 90 percent are little children who try to project an image of being evil and satanic, without any knowledge. Those people will never get our attention - they are to be ignored. Those who really believe are just a few, indeed, but the time will come when we'll stand united under as one under the banner of our spiritual leader: Satan. Our enemies are known well. Further I am not interested in this question.

CoC: This interview will be read by fans of Abigor all over the globe. What would you like to say to them?

PK: We will no longer answer requests for interviews, nor any letters. Worship us! Satan mit uns...

(article submitted 17/7/1996)

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