Gore Is Fun
CoC interviews Killjoy of Necrophagia
by: Aaron McKay
The philosopher Lucretius (c. 95-52 BC) once expounded: "So far as it goes, a small thing may give analogy of great things, and show the tracks of knowledge." Continuing in that vein of thought, Lucretius persisted: "That fear of Acheron be sent packing which troubles the life of man from its deepest depths, suffuses all with the blackness of death, and leaves no delight clean and pure." Doesn't that simply ooze images of Necrophagia? I especially enjoy the implication of the first quote that thought processes behind pieces of a larger puzzle can eventually become clear. That makes me think that the mighty _Black Blood Vomitorium_ is only the tip of the iceberg for Necrophagia's creative convictions and we are getting to see the whole thing as it evolves. To get a closer look, read on as the authoritative Killjoy escorts us through his world by way of this e-mail exchange.

CoC: First off, congratulations on _Black Blood Vomitorium_! Incredibly -heavy- MCD, Killjoy, but then again they say dynamite comes in small packages, huh?!

Killjoy: Thanks. I think _BBV_ is by far our heaviest stuff thus far, but the sickest is yet to come. Halloween 2001...!!

CoC: My first exposure to Necrophagia was years ago on the inlay sleeve to Death's 1988 release _Leprosy_. How did this association come about? Did Necrophagia and Death tour together?

K: No, we never toured together, but have been good friends since 1983. Mantis/Death and Necrophagia started around the same time. We traded demos, shirts, etc. and have just kept in contact ever since. I hear Chuck is recovering quickly now -- great news, for sure!

CoC: I understand the first incarnation of the band began to take a different direction after the commanding _Season of the Dead_ release.

K: Yeah, those guys got way out of their heads. The stuff they were coming up with was like Scorpions and Queensryche. Arghhh!

CoC: I think you have currently enlisted the assistance of some major talent. How did Necrophagia come together as it is today?

K: It was actually our guitar player's idea. I have know him ("Anton") and Wayne for a long while. I think this line-up completely crushes the old one!!

CoC: Kind of an eclectic group of Necrophagia songs on the Red Stream compilation disc, _To Live Is Ever to Be in Danger_. Thanks for getting "Death Is Fun" on there. You were responsible for the release's title too, correct? Were you happy with the compilation in general and specifically Necrophagia's other two songs on there, "The Cross Burns Black" and "It Lives in the Woods"? "It Lives in the Woods" was inspired by "Evil Dead" and is kind of a sequel to "Devil Eyes", right? Was there a reason that the band put "It Lives in the Woods" out again on _Black Blood Vomitorium_?

K: The title was inspired by what Maniac did on the intro to "The Cross Burns Black". I like the songs on that release. At the time it came out it represented Necrophagia past, present, and future. "It Lives in the Woods" is indeed about "Evil Dead" and a sequel to "Ancient Slumber" from _Season of the Dead_. "Devil Eyes" was our cover of a Mercyful Fate song.

CoC: Someone political once said to William F. Buckley (National Review) that they felt daunted by discussing politics with the "world's greatest debater". Well, I now know how that individual feels; only my question is posed to the world's biggest fan of horror... Probably my favorite film in the genre is "Exorcist III". I know you sampled it on track one, "Blood Freak", on _Holocausto de la Morte_, but what are your honest thoughts on the movie and how does it compare to some of the more underground Van Bebber and Fulci films you are fond of?

K: I think "Exorcist III" is fucking brilliant. Very disturbing and one of the greatest modern horror films made, in my opinion. It's a whole different style than what Fulci does. I turned Van Bebber onto it, too; he loves it, as well. I won't sample anything unless I really like the film it comes from.

CoC: Speaking of _Holocausto de la Morte_, incredible packaging and artwork on that release. "Dr. Gore" Balun was responsible for the painting, right? Did you and he work closely to tie in the concept so well with Necrophagia's undertakings?

K: Yes, we worked very closely on that cover. Chas is great. He understood exactly what we wanted on that cover -- a homage to the maestro, Lucio Fulci. Chas did an amazing job, for sure. Fulci lives!!

CoC: In my review of _Holocausto de la Morte_ in CoC #38, I stated that: "Probably this writer's favorite aspect on this effort, other than Necrophagia's 10-ton style, is their more-than-adequate use of feedback in strategic places. This technique is brilliant when done well, and exemplifies immaturity when done otherwise. The latter point is of no concern to Necrophagia. I have heard few bands pull this guitar approach off as effortlessly as these guys." I suppose this should be more appropriately addressed to "Anton Crowley", but would you agree with my assessment, Killjoy?

K: Yea, "Anton" is totally responsible for that stuff. It kind of sets the mood at times. He is the master of the macabre riff, in my opinion. Wait till you hear the next record. Trust me!!

CoC: As if you aren't busy enough, I hear that the Eibon material is coming along quite nicely and, in fact, you have recorded a track, "Mirror Soul Jesus". Is it difficult song-writing and working over long distances due to Satyr, Fenriz and Maniac's participation in the group? Any word yet on the label handling Eibon will be or still too early to say?

K: Eibon is progressing rather well now. Phil [Anselmo] and Satyr are finishing the writing on the current Pantera European tour. It's not really a problem with writing. Satyr came over for a while last year. We got together at Phil's house and did some writing. We hope to start recording in July and finish by year's end. I'm not sure what label yet. Probably Moonfog for Europe. Maniac is no longer in Eibon.

CoC: Touring. I hear rumblings that Necrophagia might take the stage in Milwaukee this year at the MetalFest. True?

K: Well, we have spoken with them a lot about this, but unfortunately it all comes down to money. It isn't cheap to put on the show we want, plus our travel expenses, etc.. So, hopefully, in the future, but not this year.

CoC: Almost as an irrelevant aside, do you remember or have any thoughts on a band from awhile ago called Rigor Mortis? Mike Scaccia's old group before landing his Ministry guitar post.

K: Oh yea, of course I remember them. They had a major label release and an EP. Cool stuff...

CoC: Killjoy, it has been a pleasure to conduct this interview with you. I wish the band much success and please wrap this dialog up in any way you would like!

K: Thanks for your support, Aaron. We truly appreciate it. Check out our gore-drenched video!! Fulci lives...

Contact: http://www.necrophagia.com

(article submitted 12/8/2000)

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