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An interview with Ontario's own Rotting
by: Adrian Bromley
Newmarket, Ontario is not the most common place that you'd expect to be the home of one of Ontario's finest death metal outfits Rotting. But it is.

Comprised of singer Korey Arnold, guitarist Jeff White, drummer Keith Devry and Rob MacAuley on bass, this quartet of metal fanatics live and breathe within the realms of obscurity that fall upon the death metal scene.

"We grew up on all sorts of music," explains guitarist Jeff White from over the phone in Newmarket. "We justed wanted to play metal music.

"When we were growing up we were listening to a lot of metal and death metal music in Grade 7 and Grade 8, bands like Metallica and heavier stuff."

He adds, almost hesitant about admitting it, "The drummer (Devry) started picking up death metal and metal albums because of the cover artwork. That is when we started to get into it."

Since the initial introduction into the world of metal, the members of Rotting have since then triumphantly done a tour de force in the world of metal music. They have become a somewhat well-known/heard-of band within Canada.

Formed from the ashes of two bands, Mortally Deceased and Almost Human the band, with the same line-up, except for the departure of original bassist Mike Belfy and arrival of MacAuley, the four formed Rotting and in 1993 released their debut demo Christcrusher.

Now with their latest offering of speed, doom and gloom, the seven-song demo 'Drown In Rotting Flesh', Rotting is hoping to take control and rise to the top of a sinking death metal scene in Canada, primarily in Toronto and Montreal.

About the demise he says, "Death metal is starting to die in Toronto. At one time it was really big and now it is dying down."

The topic shifts to the recent August 6th show of Morbid Angel with guests Grip Inc. at the Opera House in Toronto, a show which only drew 150 fans. A few years back that would have been unheard of explains White.

Is Montreal's scene still thriving Chronicles Of Chaos asked? White's reply, "It is starting to go down there as well. The scene there really isn't doing much for metal bands."

Within the boundaries of Toronto (the closest metropolis to Newmarket) there are very few bands if any of the death metal genre. How about at home in Newmarket?

"We are pretty much the only death metal band around here. When we started there were only a few metal/death metal bands around and now there are a few around here," said White with little interest of the competition rather than the fact that it brings (with more bands) an awareness and possible interest of metal in the future.

So being from a pretty small town and with little if any support from a larger town, how does a band like Rotting go about making a name for themselves? "We look for support through fanzines and reviews," states White. "Hopefully we will be recognized somehow. Even with this e-mail (referring to CoC) magazine it will help us."

Despite all of the negativity in and within the surrounding areas, does White see metal coming back to what it was in the mid-80's? What will be the deciding factor in the return of metal?

"I don't think there is a deciding factor. Every type of music goes through a phase. I think it will be about five years when it gets to what it used to be." As for any support on our side of the border, White hopes that his band and other mighty ones such as Cryptopsy and Kataklysm will expose the Canadian metal scene.

Look for Rotting to be doing something in the near future. Chronicles Of Chaos will keep you up to date with the plans of this Newmarket quartet. As for now, support strong Canadian metal and pick up Rotting's latest, 'Drown In Rotting Flesh'.

(article submitted 12/8/1995)

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