The Eternal Ethereal Downpour
CoC interviews Dawn of Rain Fell Within
by: Pedro Azevedo
A metal band using lead female vocals may not exactly be a novelty these days, but some newcomers to the scene still deserve attention either through the introduction of some innovation or simply through musical quality. Rain Fell Within, while not a hugely innovative band, are still different enough from their genre's norm, and are certainly talented enough to deserve attention. They have just released their debut _Believe_ [reviewed in this issue] through Dark Symphonies, and therefore I e-mailed RFW's vocalist/keyboardist Dawn some questions about the band. Here's what she had to say.

CoC: Rain Fell Within is, in my opinion, quite an interesting name for a doom band. What does it mean to you and how does it relate to your music?

Dawn: Well, I feel that the name symbolizes the deep sadness one feels when listening to the sound of the rain or watching the rain falling. In our music, we try to write songs that can generate as powerful a feeling deep within the listener.

CoC: The images on both the front and back covers of your debut _Believe_ depict what seems to be an angel and an open window. It appears to me that there is a sequence here: first the angel looks hopefully at the open window as if ready to fly away, then sits on the ground in woe. And although the album title is _Believe_, the title track ends with "In this I no longer believe." I suppose this might be related to the cover artwork. Is any of this correct?

D: We were most definitely trying to portray the song "Believe" in the cover art. One might think, at first glance of the CD, that it means -to- believe in something, when actually it is about a fallen angel who is sent to Earth to change people and finds out that the world cannot be changed; it is what it is in all of its evil. Everything she ever believed in is lost.

CoC: Your lyrics often deal with matters of the (broken) heart and are generally rather tragic. What inspires and influences your writing?

D: Well, I guess you can tell I'm not exactly pleased with the world! <laughs> Although I am not one to accept or deny any form of religion or belief of something beyond this world, what I have seen leaves me with a deep sadness. Most of the lyrics do not come from actual situations that have happened to me, but things I could see happening in this awful place we live in.

CoC: I must congratulate you for your excellent vocals on _Believe_. Did you have any formal vocal training? The reason why I ask this is that your voice, besides being very good, often seems to carry a certain operatic tinge, in my opinion.

D: I have been singing since I was three. I didn't start taking lessons until about four years ago, and I do sing a lot of opera music that I don't sing the same way as I do in Rain Fell Within, but I do try to have that part of my voice shine through. I think a straight opera voice doesn't quite blend as well with our music, so I do sing a little differently for the band.

CoC: Rain Fell Within is a bit different from other doom bands with female vocals because of some of your instrumental side (the guitar work that opens the album on "A False Reality", for example). What is the band members' musical background? What do you generally listen to?

D: The guys in the band listen to a lot of straight death metal. I am more into the melodic stuff. Although they also listen to the more melodic metal, I think their death metal influences can't help but come out in the music writing. What's in my stereo right now is Within Temptation.

CoC: Of course there are also plenty of softer passages throughout _Believe_, and the music is often punctuated by keyboards as well. The track that you wrote on your own, "The Sun in My Wound", is perhaps the best example; quite a beautiful song. What is the story behind its creation? Will you continue to write songs for RFW in the future, or was it a unique occurrence?

D: Actually, "The Sun in My Wound" was a last minute decision. I wrote it in about an hour just so we could add a little time to the CD. We are thinking about adding the rest of the band into that song and making a heavy version of it. Since I write a song every time I sit down at the keyboard, I don't think I will stop writing songs any time soon.

CoC: After this debut album, what do you think the music of RFW will be like in the future? Is there anything that you feel went wrong with _Believe_ and needs to be changed? What are the most likely changes, if any, now that you also have a new guitarist in addition to Kevin?

D: Well, every time you add a new guitarist your style changes a little bit, because the persons add their own touches to the music. We have no intention of changing our style, only to grow with the style we have created. I think the main thing that went wrong with _Believe_ was the amount of time we had to record it, which wasn't much. It was recorded in one day and mixed in one day.

CoC: How do you feel about the other more or less doomy bands out there who use lead female vocals? Are there any which you find particularly interesting?

D: I am interested in all bands that have female vocals. I think it adds a lot to very melodic heavy music. I listen to Theatre of Tragedy, The Gathering, Within Temptation, The Third and the Mortal, As Divine Grace, etc..

CoC: Do you feel that being in the USA is a handicap or an advantage for a band like yours? Is there a real audience for this style of music over there right now, or would you rather be in Europe?

D: We would love to tour Europe, but I have to say it is somewhat of an advantage to be in America. I say this only because there aren't many bands like us here, so we turn a lot of heads. I also think that although we have a very European sound, we definitely have an American twist to it.

CoC: You are also one of the first bands to have their album released through Dark Symphonies. Are you happy with them?

D: Dark Symphonies are -wonderful- people. I could not possibly have one bad thing to say about the way they are handling us, or them personally. I am extremely happy with them.

CoC: Well, those were my questions. Is there anything you would like to add?

D: Check out the other bands in the area! Witch-Hunt, Arise From Thorns, Forty Days Longing, Garden of Shadows, As the Sea Parts, Long Winters' Stare, Maudlin of the Well, Corvus Corax and, of course, Autumn Tears!

(article submitted 5/3/2000)

7/3/2002 P Azevedo 7.5 Rain Fell Within - Refuge
3/5/2000 P Azevedo 8 Rain Fell Within - Believe
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