The Remnants of a Dying Fetus
CoC talks to Keisuke of Vomit Remnants
by: Paul Schwarz
The influence of certain bands, and often it is the better ones, can reach far across the globe, and this certainly seems to have been the case in terms of the impact the USA's suffocatingly brutal death metal act Dying Fetus have had on Vomit Remnants, the Japanese act who this interview concerns. Having received their CD through loyal CoC reader Roberto Martinelli, and finding it an enjoyable, if not wholly original, musical product, I felt they were worthy of this exposure. Through broken English, somewhat hyperbolic language and the fact that his answers were e-mailed through his phone, this was what I got out of drummer Keisuke.

CoC: There is a very distinct, and acknowledged, Dying Fetus influence in the music you play. How important are DF to your musical ideas, and why them rather than any other band?

Keisuke: We try real violence [and] brutality to be new death metal but not totally typical. I don't think we are the most original band playing brutal death. Of course Dying Fetus influences [the] music we play. But say what you guys like, they are gods! They play best way in mixed style between blast and groove. It's kicked our fucking goddamn asses!!

CoC: Your presentation, lyrics and music all seem very to the point. What impression do you hope to make on people with _Supreme Entity_ musically, lyrically, visually, etc.?

K: Fuck humanity! Totally full of violence.

CoC: Who are Soils of Fate, and why did you choose to cover one of their songs on this record?

K: They are [an] underground brutal act from Sweden. I just wanted to make bonds of friendly ship on the album 'cause we are good friends since I started the band. He is coolest!!

CoC: Japan is not renowned for its death metal scene. Could you tell the North American public what the situation is in Japan with metal and specifically death metal, and mention any particularly note-worthy bands emerging from Japan or the Far East at the moment?

K: Um... Japanese death metal scene is quite poor. There are extremely few bands, no zines, only a label/distro (Macabre Mementos), no shows... We also fucking hate this situation and Japanese culture. I think [it's] very difficult to play death metal in Japan. Defiled and Distemper are good bands from Japan. But we've never heard more brutaler than us or same brutality as us from Asia.

CoC: Though your music has some unusual structures and unexpected changes, for the most part you are producing death metal derived from a tried and tested formula. In the future, do you aim to stick to being merely brutal and to-the-point or do you feel that you want to push yourselves to innovate or revolutionise the scene?

K: Thanks for the very kind words! We want to revolutionise the scene for way of stick to being brutal in the scene of global death metal underground. No fucking compromise!

CoC: You've recently been touring around Japan; do you have plans to do a full tour in either the US or Europe? If so, with whom?

K: We will go to Europe for tour with Fleshless and maybe Godless Truth in June/July of 2000. Maybe we will play in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Holland and Belgium. That would be sick! Hopefully, we want [to] go to [the] USA again (we went [to] Ohio, New York in May '99).

CoC: You have some interesting and amusing samples on the album. Why did you decide to use samples and why these particular ones?

K: The samples feel just funny, but the conversations are sick! We liked their gap. It's taken from [a] famous hip hop group. Do you know [which]?

CoC: No, which one?

K: We [have] taken all of the samples from Cypress Hill.

CoC: Apart from Dying Fetus, what bands would you cite as your biggest influences?

K: Suffocation. Internal Bleeding. Pyrexia. Mortal Decay. Our today's favorites are: Deeds of Flesh, Gorgasm, Disgorge (US), Devourment, Entorturement, Dehumanized, Skinless... I can't stop.

CoC: Finally, anything you'd like to say about your music, scene, opinions, etc., do so now.

K: Thank you man, and thank you all for supporting brutal death metal. You all better pick up Vomit Remnants' _Supreme Entity_, you can either get it through your favorite underground distro or through us -- just send US$16. Our next material [is] coming soon on Extremities Prod.!

[See the Vomit Remnants review for contact information.]

(article submitted 15/1/2000)

1/15/2000 P Schwarz 7 Vomit Remnants - Supreme Entity
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