Hate Regime Wars
CoC interviews Necromanicide
by: Alex Cantwell
Necromanicide is a modern metal band, for lack of a better term, from Malaysia, of all places. Their debut release, _Hate Regime_ [CoC #34] is an interesting mixture of death, industrial, groove, thrash, and hardcore. I recently asked Simon See some questions regarding all things Necromanicide.

CoC: When did the band form?

Simon See: About late 1995.

CoC: Were any of you in bands before?

SS: No, this was the first band for most of us.

CoC: What is the metal scene like in Malaysia, and what has the response been to Necromanicide?

SS: The scene here is pretty happening. Most of our supporters are Malaysian Chinese and Indians. However, the people who actually purchase our material from retail stores are Malays. Most of the scene revolves around black metal and groove metal. The '80s metal thing is pretty dead here.

CoC: Have you played shows? Where and with whom?

SS: We have played in huge commercial shows before. Some were organized by a cigarette company, [some by] our record company, which is Pony Canyon, and sometimes churches!! We play with a few up and coming prominent bands like Wired, Infectious Maggots and Soul Mason, and sometimes we play alone.

CoC: How have sales been for _Hate Regime_ worldwide? Please tell me about Pony Canyon. Who else is on that label?

SS: _Hate Regime_? Well, I'm not to sure of the counts, but we are overjoyed that we're on the same label as Yngwie Malmsteen. Narnia was nearly with Pony Canyon, but then Nuclear Blast took over. Pony Canyon [Malaysia], as far as I know, is in charge of all Asian countries except Japan. So there are two main offices, one here and the other in Japan. I think the Japan [office] deals with non-Asian countries.

CoC: My opinion is that your music is influenced by everything from thrash to stuff like Mortal. Being from Malaysia, how and when were you exposed to metal and who are your influences?

SS: Most of the stuff that has influenced us comes from overseas. Some of the inspiration comes from the States, like Strongarm and Crucified. From Australia [there] is Metanoia and Horde. From Europe [there] is Deuteronomium, and [there's also] Kekal from Indonesia. Oh yes, I think the industrial bit was influenced by Klank and Brainchild.

CoC: Why do you use so many vocal styles?

SS: [To] spice things up. [They are] performed by two individuals. That's what you'll sound like after you eat Malaysian curry.

CoC: Is the line-up for Necromanicide solid?

SS: Adrian has left the band to form Soul Mason. The rest of the line-up remains the same. So we only have one vocalist [now], Andre. Thus, we are not too spicy now.

CoC: I am aware that your country has a significant amount of witchcraft going on there.

SS: Our drummer, J. Christopher, was an active occult member. He saw a few evil miracles performed by the spiritual realm. It was scary and the temporary power was released for his usage. But Christopher knew it was costing him his life and soul. He ran to God, and God delivered him and restored him.

CoC: When can we expect some new music from you, what will it sound like, and do you have a title for a new CD?

SS: We usually have the title last. For now, I think the music will be less spicy. [It will] probably dwell upon black to hardcore industrial.

CoC: Final comments for the readers of CoC?

SS: Check out our website for more Necromanicide info at: http://members.tripod.com/necromanicide

(article submitted 14/3/1999)

10/1/1998 A Cantwell 6 Necromanicide - Hate Regime
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