Guns, Bombs, and La Policia
An Interview with Nailbomb
by: Adrian Bromley
Finished. Kaput. Call it a day. The End. Of course there are many other ways to describe the rather abrupt, but well thought out decision of the two founding members of Nailbomb (Max Cavalera of Sepultura and Alex Newport of Fudge Tunnel) to stop the legacy of the band after only one album - 1993's superb _Point Blank_.

The band's latest LP, _Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide_, is the final chapter of the band, and a live recording of the band's only live performance, at this year's Dynamo Festival. "When we played the Dynamo Festival, we never said we were going to do a live album when we did that show," explains Newport about the decision to just see how the album would sound on the festival's 24-track recording system. "We said we'll see how the show goes and how the tape sounds and if it sounds like the spirit of the show then we would release it - which it does sound like. It sounds pretty intense. We wanted people to feel as if they were there as much as possible."

He adds about the response to the live album, "I don't care if people like or hate the album as long as there is some form of a reaction from it."

Calling it quits on such a high note, flogged with critical acclaim and fan excitement, was the band happy to end it the way they did? "That was the idea," he says explaining, "we had already decided to break up and not do another album. We wanted to leave things as they were. People wanted to see Nailbomb live and we played the gig, but it takes a lot of work to pull it off and I don't think it would be right for Nailbomb to do a full tour. The live album seemed fitting to end on."

Playing live had its problems, as Newport explains bringing the live sound on CD format was not an easy task to undertake. "It is a pretty stressful deal. The main thing was not for us to get into overdubs too much on the live album production. It was pretty hard for me not to want to redo the guitar parts because they sounded a certain way, because of the live recording that is the way they sounded - not the best - but they sounded okay and so I left them." About the non-polished edge of the live album he says, "I'd rather have mistakes than overdub the guitars and make it sound perfect."

Also included on the live album are two new tracks: 'Zero Tolerance' and 'While You Sleep I Destroy Your World'. Why the additional two new tracks if the band was trying to bring everything to an end? Newport responds, "We wanted to make it a bit more interesting seeing that CDs are $16 each and I can't see anyone buying a $16 CD with the same songs that were on _Point Blank_, even though a lot of the songs sound different; and also, including those two songs was like an extra bonus, to make it a more interesting buy."

When the initial stages of Nailbomb was put together by both Newport and Cavalera (back in early 1993), he explains that the band was only assembled with a certain amount of seriousness. But as Newport explains, many fans of the metal genre saw hope and excitement within the release of _Point Blank_.

"The responses that we had gotten from the whole Nailbomb thing was usually very positive, something hard to believe seeing that the project was only semi-serious. It wasn't really serious in the sense of being a band, but the songs and what we said was serious. Most of all we wanted to have fun and play our guitars a certain way and bounce off each other with ideas and all and record them."

He goes on to talk about the recording of their debut: "Originally we didn't even have the intention of making _Point Blank_ a CD. It was supposed to just be 4-track recordings, but we got such a good response so we decided to record a CD."

Seeing the reaction that the first album garnered the band, would they ever get back into Nailbomb mode if the fans wanted it? A strong-willed Newport responds, "No. Too many bands carry on too long and destroy all the great things about them. Look at Black Sabbath. They were at one point the greatest band of all and now they are a laughing stock and I think that is so sad."

About Alex's work with his old band (Fudge Tunnel has broken up as of early this year) he points out, "With Fudge Tunnel, the last album we did we thought was our best album. What we had tried to achieve in seven years we had done with it. And after we made that album we felt we had achieved what we wanted to do so we stopped right there. With us it was like with every album, we wanted to go one better and with the last album we were left saying, 'Where can we go from here?'"

Getting back to the answer he responds, "There is no doubt in my mind that me and Max will work together again, it just won't be called Nailbomb. I think it is better to end on a good note rather than have Nailbomb continue and become something it was never meant to be. I'd rather leave it as special as it is right now."

(article submitted 13/12/1995)

12/13/1995 G Filicetti 6 Nailbomb - Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide
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