Dismal Thoughts
CoC interviews Kristoffer Vold Austrheim and Frode Clausen of Dismal Euphony
by: Pedro Azevedo
Times are changing for Dismal Euphony, who have recently gone through a label change (they left Napalm Records and signed with Nuclear Blast) as well as several line-up changes. Dismal Euphony's current line-up consists of the two talented females who have been in the band since their debut, vocalist Keltziva and keyboardist Elin Overskott, plus Kristoffer Vold Austrheim on drums, Ole Helgesen on vocals and rhythm guitar, and Frode Clausen on lead guitar. Keltziva's brother, Dag, is now out of Dismal Euphony, possibly because he's in jail by the time this interview is being done (due to beating up a man who threatened Keltziva). More details on this and news about Theatre of Tragedy can be found in my interview with Imperium in Independent Interrogations. Back to Dismal Euphony: this Norwegian melodic and somewhat symphonic black metal band had quite a storming debut with _Soria Moria Slott_, especially if we consider the limited version re-release [see CoC #13, #15, #25, and #27 for reviews], and after _Autumn Leaves_, an album that has both brilliant and disappointing moments, Dismal Euphony are now ready to start working for Nuclear Blast. This is an e-mail interview with K. Austrheim and F. Clausen, who did not have to type their answers themselves (in case you're wondering about their brevity). Here's what I could gather from Dismal Euphony.

CoC: What do you think Dismal Euphony achieved with _Autumn Leaves_?

Dismal Euphony: Not much.

CoC: Your sound seems to be more varied now, but the tracks are also shorter. Did you want it to be this way, or did it just happen?

DE: It did just happen.

CoC: There were quite a few other changes towards different melodic approaches and less black metal influences; what caused this?

DE: We did it ourselves.

CoC: Why did you turn _Autumn Leaves_ into a 30 minute full-length, and, therefore, full-price, album by inserting a 15 minute long experimental track?

DE: Originally, there was another track which was ready for recording, but we got an extremely murderous kick and made and recorded "Splendid Horror".

CoC: Do you believe no fan of yours will be disappointed by that?

DE: Of course the different style and experimental stuff will fuck up the conservative fans, but we will surely gain new ones. [Now, where have I heard this before? Still, my question concerned the fact that the album is so short. -- PA]

CoC: What will change in Dismal Euphony, now that you're signed to Nuclear Blast?

DE: Nothing musically, though we will surely be active in what concerns live performances.

CoC: What are your feelings about _Soria Moria Slott_ now?

DE: I still enjoy the limited version (rawer and more guitar-oriented mix).

CoC: And what were your feelings about _Soria Moria Slott_ when you finished recording it?

DE: We were very satisfied with it, although the main version suffered from a fucked-up production.

CoC: The limited version has a couple of errors in the second track... what happened?

DE: Those were caused by our all beloved postal service.

CoC: Why did you choose to have Keltziva posing for the new _Soria Moria Slott_ cover?

DE: We didn't choose it ourselves. Max [from Napalm Records] is the man; we were supposed to have a painting of Vibeke Tveiten, but Riedler wouldn't...

CoC: What about the your new Imperium project? How important will it be for those of you who are involved in it?

DE: Frode is the only one in Dismal Euphony playing in Imperium, it's only of secondary priority. [Dag, the other member of Imperium who was in Dismal Euphony, is now out of DE. See the Imperium interview in Independent Interrogations. -- PA]

CoC: How do you view the career of bands such as your new labelmates Dimmu Borgir?

DE: I don't give a fuck about Dimmu Borgir.

CoC: What do you expect to do in what concerns live shows now?

DE: We expect to start touring in the Autumn of 1998.

CoC: Any final messages?

DE: No. [Damn, what a shocking surprise. -- Pedro]

(article submitted 5/2/1997)

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