The Devil's Triad
Aamonael, creator and proprieter of Avichi, discusses most things with CoC
by: Johnathan A. Carbon
CoC: How would you characterize _The Devil's Fractal_ as compared to your debut _The Divine Tragedy_?

Aamonael: It has a different energy to it. It isn't so much about tragedy as the first, as it is more about pride and the ego.

CoC: You can correct me if I'm wrong, but I noticed certain Persian influences within _The Devil's Fractal_, specifically with "Tabernacle of Perdition". Are you fond of Melechesh or more global styles of music?

A: I do appreciate the musical offerings from that part of the world. I also love their instruments...I need to obtain some. I know "Tabernacle of Perdition" has a few moments where I play a whole tone scale (something I can't recall ever hearing in metal or at least noticing before), but I wasn't specifically trying to incorporate any Persian moods or anything like that. The whole tone isn't particularly Persian or Middle Eastern either, as far as I know. Some of the other riffs during that song may have a more Eastern tendency, but that's just the result of my writing in that song. My appreciation of Persian music must have had its influence if that's what you hear. I know of Melechesh, but I've never actually heard their music, so I can't comment on them. I might check them out since you mention them. When I say I appreciate music, I am being most sincere. I am fond of music from many cultures, including and of course not limited to Japanese, Middle Eastern, Turkish, Scandinavian, Eastern European, and especially Hindu and Tibetan. Since recently starting to learn drums and practicing all the coordination exercises I can, I've also come to have a deeper appreciation for jazz.

CoC: What is your relationship with the devil? Is it merely a fascination or does it go much deeper?

A: If I have any relationship to the devil, it is purely symbolic. I acknowledge many of his attributes in myself. I belong to no religious order. I am of my own order. People feel very threatened by me because of this -- as they should. I have the potential to destroy all they hold onto as truth. The devil is dogma's adversary.

CoC: Do you think the concept of the devil in heavy metal has changed since its inception nearly fifty years ago?

A: The devil's details have been contemplated and understood more deeply at this point, but who can deny his main concept was not exquisitely laid out for all to know with _Sabbath Bloody Sabbath_? That record is still darker than most current metal anyways.

CoC: The Avichi project started in the mid-late '00s as well as other projects Lord Mantis and Unholy Trilogy. Could Avichi be considered a main focus? Where does Nachtmystium fit into this Midwestern universe?

A: Avichi is the main focus indefinitely for me. I started Unholy Trinity with Peter Kenar (also known as Zmij) on vocals and Grave on drums, who played in some other bands including some earlier Nachtmystium material, I believe. I originally wrote the first Avichi record as an Unholy Trinity record, but Peter decided not to sing my lyrics, leaving me to find someone else or do them myself. I did them myself in the end and started Avichi. Charlie Fell started to play drums with me sometime in late 2008 or early 2009, and after a few months he asked me to join Lord Mantis, and I started playing with those guys. Now I also write a lot for Lord Mantis. The music is sick, and I know of no one else who we sound like or sounds like us. We're also one of probably two of the loudest bands in Chicago -- the other being Indian. Justin Bartlett is currently doing artwork for our next full-length, due out on Candlelight sometime within the next year. I've written and played on and off for Nachtmystium since 2002 and mainly for the self-titled EP and _Demise_. Actually, I just recently realized I wrote some of the riffs from _Eulogy_ and even one or two riffs from _Instinct Decay_ (on the "Circumvention" track I know for sure). I only played on the EP though for reasons I don't care to state.

CoC: Could Charlie Fell be considered a sidekick or even partner in crime with all of these projects?

A: Hah, I'm sure if reading this he would be pissed. I wouldn't say a sidekick for all the projects. That's definitely not the case with Lord Mantis, where the vision is more communal, but with Avichi, I've always been totalitarian. Of course Avichi now solely consists of just me. As it should.

CoC: I have to ask, where does your stage name "Aamonael" come from? I thought it would be an obscure name for a demon, but my research only points to you.

A: It is a name for a demon. That your research only points to me should tell you something. <room becomes ominously dark>

CoC: Within the last decade United States black metal has been developing quite a reputation. Do you have any thoughts or feelings regarding this?

A: No. No thoughts or feelings.

CoC: I want you to recommend me a metal record which was released before 1980.

A: Rainbow - _Rising_.

CoC: Now I want you to recommend me a non-metal record made within the last ten years.

A: Wardruna - _Runaljod_.

CoC: What does the future hold in terms of tours and releases for Avichi, Lord Mantis, Unholy Trilogy and Nachtmystium?

A: I'm practicing my drums now. My goal is to be ready to go into the studio next Spring to record again for Avichi. Lord Mantis has a new full-length coming out sometime early 2012 via Candlelight. Unholy Trinity is probably on hiatus permanently. As for Nachtmystium's plans, it would be better to ask Blake Judd. We did just record a new song for a split 7", and we are currently working on new material.

(article submitted 1/11/2011)

7/23/2011 J Carbon 7 Avichi - The Devil's Fractal
4/6/2008 C Drishner 7.5 Avichi - The Divine Tragedy
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