Conversing With a Cunt
CoC chats with Seth Putnam
by: Adrian Bromley
As many of our readers and writers like Anal Cunt, and have expressed that we should do an interview with them, I tried for many months to get an Anal Cunt interview. Finally I was able to get an interview with Seth Putnam, lead screamer/sicko/weirdo and ringleader of anarchy for Massachusetts-bred Anal Cunt, at his home in Boston late one night to talk about their latest 52-song platter of mayhem, _I Like It When You Die_. While Anal Cunt has released numerous 7"s, 12"s, and records in the nine years of their existence, it wasn't until the early part of the 90s and working with Earache Records that the band saw some exposure with such albums as _Top 40 Hits_, 1995's _40 More Reasons To Hate Us_ and their latest "bad-taste" record _ILIWYD_. While Putnam was tired after a long day's work, having had a couple of 'brewskies' beforehand helped add some color to the interview and kept him somewhat interested in our little chat. Knowing quite well that Putnam is not a huge fan of the Internet or technology (i.e. songs off their latest _ILIWYD_ such as "The Internet Is Gay" and Technology Is Gay" [more like "Seth Putnam Is Gay" - AMG]) I cautiously try to explain to Seth what our on-line magazine Chronicles of Chaos is all about and how we reach a lot of people worldwide who may not get publications with features or reviews of Anal Cunt. He listens very carefully, but responds quite scathingly, "That's cool if we don't reach people or they don't know who we are. I'd rather not have people know about us than read about us on the Internet."

CoC: Does music still play a huge role in your life now after all these years of creating music and noise with Anal Cunt?

Seth Putnam: Yeah, it is still an important part of my life and what I do. This is my life and something I think about all the time. If we didn't just lose our drummer (Nate Linehan recently left) we would be out on tour right now and I wouldn't have to be working.

CoC: You seem to have a large amount of material on each record with lots of ideas and commentaries going on. Are there messages in the music or is this just noise?

SP: When we first started doing this music, we had no lyrics, the music was short, no song titles and we made a lot of this stuff on the spot. It was all garbage. We were playing a big musical rock n' roll laugh with really loud guitars and playing all horrible and shit to make it sound bad. Nowadays...

CoC: Is there something there now, seeing that the music is a bit more organized with lyrics and song titles, then?

SP: For the first time with the last record, all the lyrics are written around the song titles for the first time. So all the music is mean and angry towards all groups of people. It is totally against everybody and I don't think we missed any one type of person. Basically we badmouthed everybody.

CoC: I guess it's just a big ranting and raving session then?

SP: Yeah... I guess. I guess it depends on what mood we are in the day we write the music. The new record is a piss-off but we didn't say, 'Oh let's piss off this type of person!' No. We just wrote it because we were pissed off at that particular person.

CoC: And what about the album title _I Like It When You Die_? Is there a statement for that?

SP: Actually, we didn't even think of the album title. A friend of mine from the band Sock-Eyed made up some t-shirts for us with random sayings on it and one of them said, "You're A Bastard. I Like It When You Die" and we used that for a title.

CoC: And the fascination with everyone being considered "gay"?

SP: In Massachusetts, that is a very common slang term. Kinda like when people think something is stupid they say, 'Oh that is gay.' It is a common way of talking around here. I just speak that way around here anyway. Some people think it really means gay. Not true. I use the word a lot but obviously the song "Recycling Is Gay" can't mean that recycling is a homosexual thing. Anybody with half a brain can pick that out and see that it doesn't mean anything to do with homosexuality.

CoC: What kind of fans does Anal Cunt draw to a show or buys your records?

SP: I think the average Anal Cunt fan that comes to our show is an unemployed, alcoholic asshole loser which is kind of like the people that we get along with anyway. Troublemakers that like to start shit up. The fans that buy our records are a mixed lot. A wide variety from artsy people to troublemakers. I think the people that like us are the people that are looking for the most extreme and fastest music that they'll hear.

CoC: And why did you start this band up? To spread anarchy through music?

SP: I hate that word, anarchy. It's overused. Anyway... when we started this band up we only meant for AC to last two weeks. To play one show and make one tape. The fact that we are still around amazes me.

CoC: Do you consider yourself a joke band?

SP: Maybe in the first two weeks of this band but things evolved for us and we starting writing about things that interested us or bothered us.

CoC: Does the music industry get to you at times?

SP: For the last three years straight from January to March I was wanting to break up the band and not do it again. I just get that way every now and then but I am the kind of person who gets pissed off when things go well for me and I try to ruin my life. I'll get sick of this a couple months of the year but at least I know now not to let people take advantage of me.

CoC: And Earache Records? How has that been for you guys?

SP: They're there. They don't do any promotion for us. They just put out the records. I wish they would do better because I think we would benefit from them helping us out. Originally, Earache bothered me but I realized that we weren't the bigger band on the label. I'm used to them not really doing anything for us. We just let them get the record out and we try to promote the band ourselves.

CoC: What kind of things piss you off? Things that would make it onto an AC record.

SP: I don't have my notebook here but we already have like forty songs written for the next record. All of them just downright mean towards all people. It is the most violent stuff that we have ever done. I can't remember any of the titles as we worked on the ideas really fast.

CoC: Is that gonna be out soon?

SP: Earache pretty much makes us put out an album once a year so I'm sure in early 1998 you will see a new Anal Cunt release.

(article submitted 13/5/1997)

11/18/1996 S Cannon Anal Cunt / Incantation An Evening of Intensity
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