Not Yet CoC's Eleventh Hour
CoC celebrates 11 years and 100 issues
by: Pedro Azevedo
With our fearless leader swamped by an inconvenient midsummer workload peak, it was decided by way of lead pipe threats that the privilege of writing CoC's eleventh anniversary editorial should be passed on to me. So this year you get Pedro instead of Gino to tell you what's been going on in the world of CoC lately.

First of all, while I wouldn't like to attribute too much importance to the fact that another year has passed, I do think it is a good time to reflect upon the past and ponder the future. For eleven years now CoC has been producing the goods, always striving to maintain the level of quality that we hope our readership has become accustomed to over the years -- and no, we're not quite finished yet.

Speaking of looking back at our past, we have decided to start a new feature (exclusively on our website) titled Classic CoC. The objective is simple: to highlight old articles from our extensive archive that might provide a fun read today for some reason or other. Of course by using the word "classic" we're not implying that we consider the articles literary gems of enormous value -- it could be an ancient review or interview that for some reason benefits from being revisited, or it could be an underground feature that is unique in some way. Ultimately, we will simply aim to highlight some dusty, forgotten old articles that might bring a smile to the face of some longtime readers and provide a (hopefully interesting) glimpse of the past to newer ones.

So what about the future then? Well, there's actually a lot going on despite the passing of years and the toils of daily life. The big novelty is something that had been missing from our website for a long time, until Chris Flaaten tackled the job superbly. As you may have noticed if you read Todd DePalma's Demilich gig review and Autopsy DVD review on our website, we now have an integrated gallery engine for displaying pictures associated with various types of articles.

A lot is also happening under the hood of CoC though; we are currently planning and developing processes to help us become more efficient in a number of ways.

Also with a view to building a dynamic twelfth year and continuing to improve, CoC is currently open to the possibility of bringing another writer or two on board. It helps if you're already a regular reader and know the kind of standards we expect; if you feel you have what it takes, then get in touch with us:

You all have the opportunity to influence the future of CoC however, by e-mailing us at and letting us know your thoughts: what you think is right or wrong in what we're doing, and what you would like us to do in the future that might help improve CoC.

Meanwhile, for those of you reading CoC by e-mail, there's also something to celebrate: this is no less than the 100th issue of our magazine. Next month you can expect in-depth articles focusing on the new Slayer and Deicide albums, including a retrospective of Slayer's career and a double interview with Deicide, in addition to the reviews themselves -- or you can check them out right now with a quick visit to our website.

I hope you have enjoyed these last twelve months, and that you will continue to enjoy the next year at least as much.

(article submitted 12/8/2006)

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