Improvements and Introductions
Another one joins the fold
by: Gino Filicetti
Greetings everyone. I want to take this opportunity to fill you in on some of things that have been going on in the CoC camp over the past couple of months.

As I stated in my very first editorial on our new and improved website, the transformation of CoC and our website is an ongoing process. Although at times real life rudely intrudes in our affairs, we've been working on bringing to light new improvements to our website. To that end, Pedro has just completed work on a new set of features for our website. The biggest improvement is to our search engine. You can now search the full text of any article's contents, with search keyword highlighting in the results. We've also enabled searching by label name. Both of these features can be found in our advanced search section by clicking on the "Search" and selecting "Advanced Search".

Also, a minor but important improvement was made to our related article list. This is the list that appears at the end of each article and provides a link to articles on the same band. We've improved the coverage of this list to include articles from ALL sections instead of just the current section.

Although these aren't earth-shattering new features, they are great improvements to the general usability of our site. Stay on the look out for more improvements as we slowly work our way through our Phase Two "to-do" list.

Finally, I'd like to introduce the newest member of the CoC clan. Jackie Smit's debut article appeared in Chronicles of Chaos way back on May 18, 2003 (I guess this introduction is a little overdue). Jackie hails from South Africa but currently resides in London; a business graduate who's currently working in the glamourous field of market research. Jackie's been a loyal CoC reader for years and years with multiple published Loud Letters. And I still contend that loyal readers always make for the best writers... as evidenced by most of our current staff.

(article submitted 4/7/2003)

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