New and Noteworthy
A reflection of our first month
by: Gino Filicetti
So it's been a month, and things are going smoother than I ever would've expected. Since the unveiling of the new Chronicles of Chaos, we've been consistently publishing approximately 20 articles every 4 or 5 days. I know this is an amazing amount of material, but it is actually the backlog of material from our 6 month absence. With this last batch of material recently published we've completely worked through our back log; from here on in, articles will be published as soon as they are submitted and proofread.

It has also been a month since our message board went live. So far, 63 people have signed up for an account. Things have yet to really get rolling, but I'm hoping more of our readers will stop in to join the discussion. All we need is your involvement.

Also released at the beginning of this month was our first CoC digest. As predicted, our digest looked almost identical to an old school issue of Chronicles of Chaos thereby appeasing the CoC purists.

Our latest batch of material features the debut of two new writers. Adrian Magers hails from the strip malls and trailer parks of Ohio. Now officially our youngest staffer, this guy lives and breathes metal and all things extreme. Some of you may recognize our second writer, James Montague, from his own album review page: Ager de Semine Obscura. James has decided to throw his hat in the ring and take up the CoC cause. As our first Australian contributor, we're hoping to get a fresh perspective out of him (if living in London hasn't already tainted him, that is). We're proud to have both of these guys on board and look forward to their many contributions to come.

Make sure you spend a few minutes browsing our new Current Picks section as well. There you can find up to date information on what each member of the CoC staff is cranking most often.

Enjoy the new material everyone! Head over to the CoC Message Board, sign up, and let us know what you think of the new Chronicles of Chaos now that a month has passed.

(article submitted 21/4/2003)

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