Happy Thirteenth, CoC
Chronicles of Chaos celebrates its thirteenth anniversary
by: Pedro Azevedo
Triskaidekaphobia. Such is the term that signifies fear of the number thirteen. Even without suffering the full effects of such a challenging word, most people with even the slightest inclination to the superstitious side of things will recognize thirteen as somehow unlucky -- even if they cannot quite explain why. Maybe it has something to do with becoming a teenager. Regardless, in Italy it seems to be considered a lucky number; which is only appropriate, this being our publication's thirteenth anniversary.

These days life may have limited us to just an anniversary editorial, but the writers at CoC continue to strive to deliver the best possible articles every month, turning our age into an asset instead of allowing it to become heavy on our shoulders. This brief editorial aims to highlight just that: the dedication of those who continue to persevere in order to keep CoC relevant and worthy of your time. This publication has witnessed a great deal of changes in extreme music -- both artistically and from a business perspective -- and we hope to continue to deliver a meaningful contribution to that universe.

Thank you all, and see you next year.

(article submitted 12/8/2008)

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