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12/8/2001 P Schwarz Darkane: Dark Insanity
12/8/2001 A Wee Demonic Christ: Demonic Battle Mom: Dana's Return
12/8/2001 P Schwarz Epoch of Unlight: An Unlightly Story
12/8/2001 A Bromley Iced Earth: The (Horror) Show Must Go on
12/8/2001 D Rocher /
P Azevedo /
A Bromley
Katatonia: Songs of Quintessential Sorrow
12/8/2001 P Schwarz Keelhaul: Angled to Amaze
12/8/2001 A Bromley Melechesh: Mesopotamian Hunger
12/8/2001 P Azevedo Mourning Beloveth: Earth to Earth, Ashes to Ashes...
12/8/2001 P Schwarz Nevermore: Dead Heat For the Politicians of Ecstasy
12/8/2001 P Schwarz Old Man Gloom: Monkeys Taught Me Guitar
12/8/2001 A McKay The End Records: The Genesis of the End
12/8/2001 P Azevedo The Forsaken: Forsaken But Not Forgotten
12/8/2001 A Bromley Virgin Steele: A Greek Tragedy Written in Metal
13/5/2001 D Rocher Darkthrone: Of the Lupine Lords That Lurk in the Shadows
13/5/2001 A Bromley Dimmu Borgir: Majestic Visions, Triumphant Sounds
13/5/2001 A Bromley Gandalf: Death 'N' Roll Machine Rolls on
13/5/2001 P Schwarz Immolation: A Truly Individual Sin
13/5/2001 A Bromley Lacuna Coil: Unleashed and Ready For Stardom
13/5/2001 A Bromley Monster Magnet: Dave Says Yes
13/5/2001 P Schwarz Nile: They Couldn't Dam This River...
13/5/2001 A Bromley Opeth: Harvest of Blackness
13/5/2001 A Wasylyk Proscriptor: I Am the One
13/5/2001 P Schwarz /
A Bromley
Relapse Records: Comments From Captain Contamination
13/5/2001 A Wee The Embraced: Norway'S Gothenburg Sons
13/5/2001 A Bromley W.A.S.P.: Unleashing Terror Once Again
13/5/2001 P Schwarz Zyklon: Detoxed But Not Disarmed
13/3/2001 P Azevedo Aurora: Danish Dynamite
13/3/2001 A Wee Clandestine Blaze: Fanning the Unholy Flames
13/3/2001 A Bromley Darkwell: Suspects in Darkness
13/3/2001 A Bromley Deströyer 666: Devils Ride Again
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