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Daath Dååth DaCast Daemon
Daemonarch Daemonlord Daemusinem Daeonia
Dagoba Dagorlad Dälek Dali's Dilemma
Damiano Mercuri Dammercide Damn 13 Damnation
Damned Creed Danny Tanner Danse Macabre Dantalion
Danzig Dapnom Dargaard Dark
Dark Age Dark Ages Dark Awake Dark Castle
Dark Domination Dark Fortress Dark Funeral Dark Legion
Dark Lunacy Dark Moor Dark Reality Dark Sanctuary
Dark Shades Dark Shift Dark Suns Dark Tranquillity
Darkane Darkest Era Darkest Hour Darkestrah
Darklands Darkmoon Darkness Dynamite Darkness Enshroud
Darkness Eternal Darkside Darkspace Darkstorm
Darkthrone Darwin's Waiting Room Darzamat Das Ich
Dawn Dawn of a Dark Age Dawn of Azazel Dawn of Dreams
Dawn of Relic Dawnbringer Dawndeath Incinerator Day In the Life
Daylight Dies Days of Mourning Days of Yore De Infernali
De Lirium's Order De Profundis Dea Marica Dead at the Scene
Dead Blue Sky Dead by Dawn Dead Congregation Dead in the Dirt
Dead Man Dead Shape Figure Dead Silent Slumber Dead Soul Tribe
Deadborn Deadfood Deadguy Deadly Carnage
Deafheaven Deafness Dearly Beheaded Death
Death & Taxe$ Death / Mantas Death Angel Death Breath
Death Con 1 Death Heaven Death in June Death List
Death SS Deathboot Deathchain Deathcrawl
DeathFrost Deathkids Deathspell Omega Deathstars
Deathwitch Debauchery Decadence Decameron
Decapitated Decayed Remains Deceased December
December Moon December Wolves Decemberance Decoryah
Decrepit Birth Deeds of Flesh Deep Deep-Pression
Deepred Defaced Creation Defamer Defeated Sanity
Defiled Defleshed Degial Degree Absolute
Deicide Deinonychus Deity's Muse Delirium Endeavor
Dellamorte Demence Dementia Dementia Ad Vitam
Dementor Demigod Demimonde Demiricous
Demiurg Demoncy Demoniac Demonic
Demonic Resurrection Demonized Demonoid Demons & Wizards
Demons of Dirt Demonstealer Den Saakaldte Depraved
Depresion Depresy Der Blutharsch Deranged
Derelict Dernière Volonté Des Esseintes Desaster
Desaster / Pentacle Descend Descend / All That Is Evil Deschain
Desecration Desecrator Desekrator Desiderii Marginis
Desire Desolate Despised Icon Destinity
Destroyed by Anger Deströyer 666 Destruction Destruction / Headhunter
Destruktor Desultory Detachment Detonation
Detonator 666 Deuteronomium Deutsch Nepal Devastation
Deviate Devildriver Devilry Devils Whorehouse
Devilyn Devin Townsend Devin Townsend Band Devius
Devolved Dew-Scented DHI Diablo
Diablo Swing Ochestra Diaboli Diabolic Diabolical
Diabolical Masquerade Diabolique Diachronia Diagon
Diamanda Galas Dichotic Die Pigeon Die Die Sonne Satans
Die Verbannten Kinder Evas Diecast Dies Irae Different State
Different State & Sigill Dillinger Escape Plan Dim Mak Dimension
Dimension Zero Dimesland Dimhymn / Hypothermia Dimmu Borgir
Dio Diorrhea Diphtheria Dipnoi
Dirge Disarmonia Mundi Disarray Disbelief
Discern Dischordia Disconsolate Discordance Axis
Disfear Disgorge Disgrace Disgrace and Terror
Disgust Disharmonic Orchestra Disillusion Disinterment
Disiplin Dismal Euphony Dismember Dispersive Light
Disrespect Dissecting Table Dissection Dissimulation
Distorted Ditch Divercia Divina Enema
Divine Decay Divine Empire Divine Lust Divine Sin
Divinity Divinity Destroyed DOA Dodecahedron
Dodgin' Bullets Dodheimsgard Dodsferd Dog Faced Gods
Dog Fashion Disco Dol Ammad Dol Theeta Dolorian
Domains Dominance Domine Dominion
Dominion Caligula Dominus Don Caballero Donis
Doom:VS Doomed Doomraiser Door Into Emptiness
Dornenreich Doughnuts Down Doxomedon
Dr Doom / Collision Draco Hypnalis Draconian Dragged Into Sunlight
Dragobrath Dragonauta Dragonforce Dragonland
Dragonlord Drakkar Drautran Drawn and Quartered
Dream Into Dust Dream Theater Dreams of Damnation Dreams of Sanity
Dreamsfear Dreck Sau Driller Killer Drone Lebanon / Wertham
Drown Drowningman Droys Drudkh
Drug Honkey Dublin Death Patrol Dusk Dwelling
Dying Dying Fetus Dying Regret Dying to Bleed
Dyscord Dysperium Dysrhythmia  

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