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Baalphegor Backwoods Payback Backyard Babies Bak De Syv Fjell
Balatonizer Baliset Bal-Sagoth Balzac
Bane Baptism Barbara Barcode
Barren Earth Barrit Basilisk Bastard Noise
Bathory Battle Dagorath Battlelore Bazzah
Be Persecuted Bealiah Beaten Back to Pure Beatrik
Before the Rain Behemoth Be'Lakor Belef
Belenos Belfegor Believer Belinus
Bell Witch Belladonna Belphegor Beneath Oblivion
Beneath the Ashes Beneath the Massacre Benediction Benighted
Benighted (Fra) Benighted Leams Benumb Bereavement
Bernd Steidl Berserk Beseech Bestia Centauri
Bestial Warlust Bethlehem Beto Vazquez Infinity Between the Buried and Me
Bewitched Beyond Beyond Black Void Beyond Dawn
Beyond Fear Beyond Sensory Perception Beyond Terror Beyond Grace Beyond the Dream
Beyond the Embrace Bible of the Devil Bifrost Big Top Karma
Bile Bilocate Biohazard Biolich
Bisclaveret Bishop of Hexen Black Abyss Black Anima
Black Breath Black Countess Black Dawn Black Funeral
Black Harvest Black Label Society Black Lotus Black Majesty
Black Mass Black Messiah Black Sabbath Black Seas of Infinity
Black Shape of Nexus Black Sheep Wall Black Spiral Black Succubi
Black Sun Aeon Black Web Black Witchery Blackend
Blacklodge Blackmail Blackness Blackshine
Blackstar Blackthrone Blackwinds Bladesmith
Blastmasters Blatant Disregard Blaze of Sorrow Bleed the Sky
Bleeding Through Bleiburg Blessed Blind Guardian
Blindead Blinded by Faith Blizaro Blodsrit
Blodtru Blood Axe Blood Axis Blood Duster
Blood of Christ Blood of the Black Owl Blood Red Throne Blood Ritual
Blood Stain Child Blood Stained Dusk Blood Storm Blood Tsunami
Bloodbath Bloodhammer Bloodiest Bloodline
Bloodrain Bloodshed Bloodshot Bloodstone
Bloodthirst Bloodthorn Bloodway Bludgeon
Blut Aus Nord Bob Marinelli / Facialmess Bob Marinelli / Flutter Bob Marinelli / Outermost
Body Count Bohemian Grove Boiler Boiler Room
Bolt Thrower Boltdown Bonded by Blood Bongzilla
Borknagar Born for Bliss Born From Pain Bosque / Senthil
Botch Bound by Entrails Brain Drill Brain Toy
Brainstorm Branded Skin Brave Breakdown
Breathe In Breathless Brick Bath Bride of the Atom
Brighter Death Now Brimstone Bring Me the Horizon Brocken Moon
Brodequin Broken Broken Dagger Broken Hope
Broken Ohms BrokeNCYDE Brotherhood of Sleep Bruce Dickinson
Brujeria Brutal Truth Brutality Brutus
Bullet Burial Burialmound Burn it Down
Burn to Black Burned in Effigy Burning Inside Burning Saviours
Burning Witch Burnt by the Sun Burnt Colonels Burst
Burzum Buzzoven Byfrost Byzantine

Found 196 bands.

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