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A Canorous Quintet A Forest of Stars A Life Once Lost A Perfect Circle
A Sickness Unto Death A Traitor Like Judas A Venomous Concept A Winter Lost
A Young Man's Funeral A.C. (Anal Cunt) A.I.D.S. Aanal Beehemoth
Aardia Abaddon Incarnate Abbildung Abdullah
Abed Abgott Abhorred Abhorrent
Abigail Abigail Williams Abigor Ablaze My Sorrow
Abominant Abominator Abomino Aetas Aborted
Abortion Clinic Aborym Abramis Brama Abriosis
Abscess Absentia Lunae Abske Fides Abstract Rapture
Abstract Spirit Abstract Spirit / Ennui Absu Absurd
Absurd Conflict Abuse Abused Majesty Abysmal Dawn
Abysmal Grief Abysmal Growls of Despair / The Cold View Abyssic Hate Abyssos
AC Accursed Aceldama Acephalix
Achenar Acheron Acid Bath Acid Death
Acid Witch Acrid Semblance Acrimony Across Tundras
Acumen Nation Ad Hominem Adamus Exul Admiral Angry
Admortem Adnauseum Ador Dorath Adramelech
Adrift for Days Aeaea Aenima Aenygmist
Aeoga Aeon Aeons of Eclipse Aere Aeternus
Aes Dana Aesma Daeva Aeternam Aeternus
Aevangelist After Forever Agalloch Agarthi
Agathocles Agathodaimon Age of Silence Ageless Oblivion
Agent Steel Aghora Agnivolok Agnivolok / Chaos as Shelter
Agnostic Front Agony Lords Agoraphobic Nosebleed Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Despise You
Agrimonia Ahab Ahoora Aigro Mucifelam
Ainulindale Aion Aiton Ajdath
Akercocke Akimbo Akrival Alabama Thunderpussy
Alamaailman Vasarat Alas Alastis Alastor
Albez Duz Alcest Alchemist Algaion
Alice in Chains Alien Faktor Aliengates Alio Die
All in Vain All My Faith Lost... All Out War All Pigs Must Die
All Shall Perish Allegaeon Allegiance Allerseelen / Sangre Cavallum
Alley Allhelluja Allochiria Alpha Galates
Alpthraum Altar Altar of Plagues Alternine
Altus Astrum Am I Blood Ambassador Gun Amber Asylum
Amber Tears Amen Ames Sanglantes / Flutter Amestigon
AmmiT Amok Amon Amon Amarth
Amongst the Swarm Amoral Amorphead Amorphis
AMSG Amsvartner Anaal Nathrakh Anaal Nathrkah
Anachronaeon Anael Anal Blast Anal Vomit
Anarchy Anasarca Anata Anathema
Anatolian Wisdom Ancestral Legacy Ancient Ancient Ceremony
Ancient Rites Ancient Wisdom And Hell Followed With And Utero Dominae
Andras Andrew Danso Angantyr Angel Blake
Angel Dust Angelcorpse Angelwhore Angizia
Angra Angst Anhedonist Ani Kyd
Anihilated Animals As Leaders Animus Mortis Annihilator
Annotations of an Autopsy Annulond Anorexia Nervosa Anorma
Another Black Day Another Nothing Antaeus Antares Predator
Anterior Antestor Anthrax Anthropia
Antigama Antimatter Antiquus Anubis Gate
Anubis Rising Apeiron Aphotic Aphotic / Dusk
Apocalyptica Apollyon Sun Apophis Apoptose
Apostolum April Aquila Arachnes
Arbeit Arbor Ira Arbrynth Arcadia
Arcana Arcanar Arcane Wisdom Arch Enemy
Archaean Harmony Archetype Architects Archon Satani
Arckanum Arckanum / Contamino Arcturus Arditi
Ares Kingdom Ares Wrath Arghoslent Arise
Arise From Thorns Ark Arkaea Arkh'aam
Arkhon Infaustus Arktau Eos Armagedda Armageddon
Armagedon Arnocorps Ars Moriendi Arsis
Artas Arthemesia Artificial Light Attraction Artillery
Artisian Arvas Arvet Arz
As Eden Burns As I Lay Dying As Likely As Not As We Fight
As You Drown Ascension of the Watchers Asgaroth Ash Borer
Ashdautus Ashen Horde Ashen Reign Ashes
Ashes You Leave Ashram Asiatic Spike Aska
Asklepia Askrinn Asphyx Assaulter
Association Area Assuck Ast Voldur Astaarth
Astarte Astral Luminous Astriaal Astrophobos
Asva At the Gates At the Lake At Vance
Ataraxia Ataraxia / Autumn et sa Rose Ataraxie Atman
Atomizer Atrax Morgue Atrium Carceri Atrium Noctis
Atrophia Red Sun Atrox Atten Ash Attila
Aube Audiopain Audrey Horne Augury
Aura Noir Aurora Aurora Borealis Austere
Austere / Isolation Austrian Death Machine Author & Punisher Autopsy
Autumn Autumn Clan Autumn Tears Autumnal
Autumnblaze Autumnia Avantasia Avec Tristesse
Avenger Avernus Averse Sefira Avichi
Avsolutized Avulsed Avzhia Awakening
AX Axamenta Axel Rudi Pell Axiom
Axis of Advance Ayreon Azaghal Azamoth
Azarath Azrael Azure Azure Emote

Found 340 bands.

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