Gino Filicetti

Co-Editor / Founder
New Hampshire, USA
Joined: 8/12/1995

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The founder of CoC has seen a lot in the 10+ years since the inception of this magazine. Being a 30 year old software engineer working ungodly hours usually doesn't afford Gino the luxury of much free time. As a result, his contributions to the magazine focus more on administration and leadership as opposed to trying to keep up with CoC's incredible cadre of talented writers. Gino's musical interests are varied and diverse. Given his sole criterion of originality, his tastes span a wide spectrum. To name a microscopic sample, Gino regularly listens to Absu, Judas Priest, Gorgoroth, The Future Sound of London, Carcass, Bob Dylan, Darkthrone, Bob Marley and Drudkh. The past 10 years have seen many changes in Gino's life. From starting Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto through to graduating. From getting married and leaving Toronto to settle on the seacoast of New Hampshire working for a start up company to leaving that company to join the sales organization of another wildly successful software company. Through it all, the one constant has been CoC and its unwavering commitment to quality and longevity.