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14/3/1996 A Bromley Crisis: Surviving the Crisis
14/3/1996 G Filicetti Hypocrisy: Hanging With the Hypocrites
14/3/1996 A Bromley Iron Maiden: Keeping the Irons Up
14/3/1996 G Filicetti Motorhead: Maintaining the Madness
14/3/1996 A Bromley My Dying Bride: Dying With Pride
9/2/1996 G Filicetti Immolation: Continuing the Crucifixion
9/2/1996 A Bromley Sacred Reich: Resurrecting the Reich
9/2/1996 A Bromley Sepultura: Rainforest Rumblings Revealed
9/2/1996 A Bromley Speedball: Hotrods, Highways and Hair Cuts
17/1/1996 G Filicetti Brutal Truth: Malformed Musical Mayhem
17/1/1996 A Bromley Hanzel Und Gretyl: The Noise of Making Art
17/1/1996 A Bromley Hostility: The Hostile Takeover Begins
17/1/1996 A Bromley Napalm Death: On A New Plane of Existence
17/1/1996 G Filicetti Substance for God: Sacred Substance
17/1/1996 B Meloon The Great Kat: Kilobytes, Komputers, and Kraziness
13/12/1995 A Bromley Dissection: Dissecting and Devouring the Details With Dissection
13/12/1995 A Bromley Nailbomb: Guns, Bombs, and La Policia
13/12/1995 A Bromley Pro-Pain: Painful Pleas From the Pros
13/12/1995 A Bromley Six Feet Under: Six Feet Above the Rest
8/11/1995 B Meloon At the Gates: At the Gates' Almighty Acclamations
8/11/1995 A Bromley Bathory: Bathory
8/11/1995 G Filicetti Edge of Sanity: On the Edge of Complete Conquest
8/11/1995 A Bromley Monster Voodoo Machine: Monster Voodoo Machine
1/10/1995 G Filicetti Filthboy: Filthboy's Fanatical Fight for Fame
1/10/1995 A Bromley Misery Loves Co.: Misery Loves Chatting
1/10/1995 A Bromley Mortification: Taking metal down a different path
1/10/1995 A Bromley Nevermore: Thrash the Seattle Way?!?
1/10/1995 A Bromley Only Living Witness: Only Living Witness
1/10/1995 A Bromley Souls at Zero: A Minor Reflection
1/10/1995 A Bromley Strapping Young Lad: Bracing for Success
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