Iron Monkey - _Iron Monkey_
(Earache, 1997)
by: Adrian Bromley (9 out of 10)
If I had to pick one band that really kicked me hard and to the floor in no time flat this year, it would be Iron Monkey. Heavy as fuck, this British sludge-core quintet lash out with furious might on this 6-song debut EP of theirs. Thank God it was an EP or I'd be in intensive care for a week. Shades of Korn (not a lot but the aggro-rock feel is there), though most predominantly the stylings of Black Sabbath and Eyehategod, are what run rampant and abuse our ears on this release. Heavier and louder than a lot of shit out there nowadays. Short review, two words: violently potent. Get this and get this now, kids. I'm :eagerly: awaiting a full-length follow-up (out early/spring 1998). Damn! It's gonna be a long winter.

(article published 1/1/1998)

12/7/2005 J Smit Dark Funeral: Until You Call on the Dark
12/2/2005 J Smit God Forbid: Welcome to the Fall
12/2/2005 T DePalma Martial Barrage: New Blood From the North
11/15/2005 J Smit Face Down: Strength Beyond Strength
11/11/2005 T DePalma Crimson Massacre: Methods of the Abyss
10/31/2005 J Smit Bolt Thrower: Armageddon's Just a Matter of Time
10/24/2005 J Smit The Dillinger Escape Plan: Sleeping Giants in the Storm
9/14/2005 J Smit Cathedral: In the Valley of the Shadow of Death
9/2/2005 T DePalma Deceased: Weird Tales Vol. 1
9/2/2005 J Smit Krisiun: Devastation Is on the Way
8/22/2005 J Smit Soilent Green: Theory of Pride in Tragedy
8/18/2005 T DePalma StarGazer: Pilgrims Against the Flux
8/12/2005 J Smit Hypocrisy: Spreading the Disease
8/12/2005 J Smit Nile: Blazing a Trail of Annihilation
7/21/2005 Q Kalis Thunderbolt: Diabolic Revelations
7/18/2005 A McKay Lupara: The Shotgun Approach
7/11/2005 J Smit Nevermore: A Transcendent Endeavor
6/20/2005 J Smit Darkane: Seal the Senses
6/20/2005 J Smit Dew-Scented: Metal Thrashing Mad
6/3/2005 Q Kalis Arghoslent: Incorrigible Bigots?
5/31/2005 J Smit Code: A New Darkness Upon Us
5/24/2005 Q Kalis Summoning: Middle Earth Musings
5/23/2005 T DePalma Velvet Cacoon: The Cislunar Fog
5/13/2005 J Smit Napalm Death: Cause for Alarm
5/5/2005 Q Kalis The Meads of Asphodel: The Bemoaning of Metatron
5/3/2005 J Smit Candlemass: Chants in Declaration
4/27/2005 A McKay All Shall Perish: Rage Against the Dying of the Light
4/19/2005 T DePalma Methadrone: Hollow Doors of Perception
4/6/2005 T DePalma Total Fucking Destruction: "Bullets Not Ballots"
3/15/2005 J Smit Septic Flesh: Farewell to the Flesh
3/10/2005 J Smit Devin Townsend: Fury & Passion In Extremis
2/22/2005 J Smit Immolation: Hail to the Conquerors
1/20/2005 J Smit Agnostic Front: From the East Coast to the West Coast
1/10/2005 A Wee Eat Metal Records: Hellas Triumphant
12/31/2004 A McKay Empyrean Sky: Six Songs From the Seventh Seal
12/31/2004 J Smit The Haunted: Evolution Not Compromise
12/31/2004 J Smit Therion: The Dragon Breaks Down the Temple Wall
11/19/1998 A Bromley 9 Iron Monkey - Our Problem
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